Proper Care of Your Baby's Feet

   Photo Credit: flickr - photosavvy


Photo Credit: flickr - photosavvy

Every new parent knows how precious and fragile their new baby is. Special care is always given to the soft spot on the infant's head and the segment of umbilical cord still precariously attached. However, many parents don't give much thought to the feet of their new addition to the family. Many think that since those little feet won't be doing any walking for a long while yet that they need no special care. This is definitely not correct. Conscientious parents will be taking extra special care of those new tiny feet. It is important to note that there is no need to panic if your newborn's feet seem a little discolored. Being in the protective fluid of the womb for all those months causes this and in time the feet will become the same color as the rest of the body.

The things that new parents do need to pay attention to are quite simple but very important. Make sure your baby's feet are well dried after being washed. Wet feet can bring great discomfort to your baby and can cause rash on the feet. Those little toenails need to be watched as well. Most parents find clipping their baby's toenails while they are sleeping is best. Only baby nail clippers should be used and the cut should always be straight across.

Exercising your baby's feet and legs is always a great idea. This helps to strengthen the muscles that are necessary to allow them to walk properly when the time comes. There are many items available for purchase specifically for this and you can shop anywhere baby items are sold. Babies also enjoy the gentle massage of their feet and the careful working of their feet and legs back and forth. This is quality time with parents as well as working on those tiny muscles.

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