How to Strengthen the Achilles Tendon

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Achilles tendon injuries are very common, and usually found with people participating in sporting activities, such as basketball, football, tennis, running and cycling. Most injuries occur from twisting the ankle beyond the normal range of movement. When the tendon is injured it becomes painful and swollen. Once this happens, it becomes very difficult to place any weight on your foot without pain. Normal activities cannot be resumed until you have done proper Achilles strengthening exercises, and you give your Achilles proper rest.

How to Strengthen the Achilles Tendon

A board-certified podiatrist in Arizona can assess your injury, provide proper exercises for you to do, tell you how long you need to rest your Achilles tendon, and if you need crutches or an ankle cast.

However, you don't need to wait until you have injured your tendon and need to see Achilles tendon specialists in Arizona to make it stronger. As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Try these simple, yet effective exercises to strengthen your Achilles Tendon:

  • Standing Calf Raise - To begin loosening up your Achilles tendon, the first way to strengthen it is by performing standing calf raises. Stand with your feet slightly apart and rise as high as you can on your toes. Hold that position for a few seconds and return your foot back to the floor. This exercise not only strengthens your Achilles tendon, it also strengthens the calf.
  • Ankle Raise on Steps - The next exercise is very similar. However, instead of resting your foot on a flat floor, you will use steps in your house, or you can purchase an aerobic step platform. Your toes will be on the step with at least half of your foot extended off the step. Now, perform the same lifting movement as you did in the previous exercise, but when you come back down, make your foot drop slightly lower than the step, putting a little more pressure on your Achilles tendon.

When you do the ankle raise on steps, it's good to grab a hold of the railing, or other object to keep your balance. Try to do a minimum of 20 repetitions. Once you feel you have enough strength, and your Achilles doesn't have any additional pain, you can do a couple sets of these, and even increase the repetitions.

Now you have a simple and effective way to strengthen your Achilles tendon. However, if you ever injure your Achilles, you need to visit one of the Achilles Tendon Specialists in Arizona to get proper treatment, and to reduce your injury time. Get your Achilles tendon treated properly and get back on your feet, contact Talus inMotion Foot & Ankle today to schedule a consulation.