Signs of a Fractured Foot

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Many people do not realize when they have a fractured foot. Sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between a fracture and a sprain. In the whole entire body, fractures in the foot are the most common. This is because the human foot has twenty six bones that make up its structure. For the most part, the foot is really in constant contact or is helping support the weight of the body. There are some tell-tale signs that the foot is fractured and is very important that medical attention is sought right away.

A fractured foot is a serious matter. One of the ways to figure out if something is out of the norm with the foot is pain. Pain can come in different varieties such as; minimal, moderate, and severe. If there any of these pain symptoms, medical attention should be obtained immediately. If left untreated, more severe problems can present themselves and bring on more complications, which can cost a lot of time and money. Severe bruising of the foot can also suggest that the foot is fractured. Of course the most obvious way to tell is that if one is not able to walk on their foot.

Good ways to check for a fracture is to take off both socks and shoes and compare their feet together. Abnormalities and other things like swelling will be able to present themselves more to the eye this way. This diagnostic method generally works as long as both feet are not suspected of being fractured. If the foot is cold, blue, or numb, this can be a sign as well for the foot being fractured.

All in all, it is imperative that medical attention is sought immediately after the discovery of the foot possibly being fractured. This way the diagnosis is proper and the right medical equipment is used to treat the foot. The average person will not know if they are able to bear some weight or no weight at all on their foot. It is just best to rather be safe than sorry and cause more complications. For the Scottsdale and surrounding region, contact Talus inMotion for a consultation.