A lot of people have never heard of capsulitis. Those who have heard about it, think about injury to the shoulder. The fact is that capsulitis can happen anywhere in your body where there are joints.

What is Capsulitis?

Capsulitis is a ligament inflammation. Capsular ligaments line your joint and are there to keep the bones aligned and joints working properly. Most people get foot capsulitis in the ball of their foot. The exact location is in the metatarsophalangeal joints, and the second metatarsal of the second toe is the usual place affected.

Symptoms of Capsulitis in the Feet?

Symptoms of capsulitis in the feet usually include swelling and pain. There can also be redness around the area. During chronic capsulitis, calluses develop in the area of the ball of the foot.

How is Capsulitis Treated?

  • Ice - Ice is a great way to reduce the swelling and pain during the acute stages of capsulitis. Ice should be applied during the first 48 hours that you notice extreme pain. Try applying it at least three times a day for about 30 minutes each session.
  • Rest - You will need to stay off of your foot as much as possible. The more your foot has to bear weight, the worse it can be.
  • Elevation - If you keep your feet elevated when you are sitting or resting, it will help reduce the pain.
  • See the foot and ankle specialists at InMotion Foot and Ankle - If the pain persists, you should talk with a podiatrist for professional assistance.

Capsulitis can quickly become a rigid deformity of the foot if it is not treated. See your podiatrist if you have persistent pain on the bottom of your foot, or any other foot problems that won't go away.  Contact Talus InMotion Foot & Ankle today to set up a consultation.