Claw Toe

What is Claw Toe?

Claw toe is caused by either an underlying illness, such as diabetes, a muscle imbalance, or from wearing tight fitted shoes. The toes can actually look deformed, or like the claws of an animal. When someone has claw toe, their toes can curl under, as if they are trying to dig into the soles of the shoes. The older you get, the more likely that you can develop claw toe, and women seem to be affected much more than men.

Claw Toe Treatment

Claw toe treatment usually starts out with a podiatrist prescribing medication as well as physical therapy to find out the main causes of the problem.

A lot will of course depend on how severe the deformity is in your toes. The goal of a podiatrist is to remove pain and to lessen the friction that your toes are causing.

  • Your podiatrist will try to manually straighten your toes if they are still slightly flexible. If that doesn't work, you will require additional treatment.
  • The most important part of treating claw toe is to get your treatment done early. Don't wait until you have abnormal shape in your toes, or calluses caused by the friction.
  • If the problem is being caused by your shoes, your podiatrist will suggest the proper shoes that you should be wearing to relieve any further pressure on your toes.
  • Your foot doctor might also tape the joints of your affected toes for a few weeks to help straighten them out.
  • Finally, if your toes are really in bad shape, you might require surgery to alleviate and fix the angle of your toe joints.

Any foot problems that you might have usually deserve prompt attention. Claw toe can have a crippling effect on your feet, and you should have them looked as soon as you can by a foot doctor. Talus InMotion Foot & Ankle today.