Nail Fungus

Nail fungus infections are typical in toenails and fingernails. Nevertheless, they are usually found on the toes, due to the fact that they remain damp during the day. Signs of toenail fungus include a thick toenail, along with a brown or yellow nail color. A healthy toenail looks clear, with a pink color under the nail. If your toenail shows signs of scratches and discoloration, you might be developing a nail fungus.

Causes of Nail Fungus

Fungus searches for a dark and damp environment to live. If your feet are continuously exposed to humid or wet places, you might eventually develop nail fungus.

Sweaty socks and shoes are the top reasons for fungus growth. If you're physically active a lot, use preventive fungal sprays on your socks and shoes, and change your socks as soon as you finish working out, and don't use the same socks again when they are dry.

Shoes and socks should provide enough ventilation. Natural cotton socks allow your feet to breathe, and absorb moisture away from your feet.

A nail infection can also point to another underlying illness that you might have, such as problems with your immune system. You should ask your doctor to give you a physical exam.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Now that you understand some possible causes of nail infection, it's time that we talk about toenail fungus remedies. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • See a Podiatrist - If you see any signs of a toenail fungal infection, visit your podiatrist immediately. Your podiatrist knows the best effective methods to treat your infection, and can help stop it from spreading. They can also prescribe powerful medication that can help. The biggest mistake that many people make is that they wait too long to get treatment. Once your nail fungus has spread, it can take a long time to treat it effectively.
  • Don't Stop Treatment - If you do, your toenail fungus infection can worsen.
  • Change Your Socks Daily - You should always change your socks each day, and don't reuse the same socks unless they have been washed. This is common sense, but many people will slip on the same socks again, because they look clean. Bacteria can quickly build up in socks, so they need to remain clean at all times.
  • Use Cotton Socks - Cotton is a natural fiber, and it allows air to circulate inside. It is suggested that you stay away from synthetic type fibers.
  • Clean Feet - Your feet should remain clean and dry as possible. Keep nails clean and dry. Make sure you dry your feet after you take a shower, or when they become wet from walking outdoors.
  • Natural Remedies - Many swear by the power of natural remedies for nail fungus. Try rubbing an antiseptic mouthwash on your feet at night before you go to bed. Another natural remedy is Vicks. Apply it to your feet once or twice a day for the best affect.

Nail fungus isn't just ugly, it's highly infectious, and can spread if not taken care of. See your podiatrist if you suspect you have a nail fungus infection. Contact Talus inMotion Foot & Ankle today to schedule a consultation.