Foot Odor

Treating foot odor is not an easy task for some people. When your feet sweat, it can occasionally create an unpleasant odor. If this odor is not taken care of, the smell can become worse over time. However, you should not feel ashamed about this, because there are remedies available.

Foot Odor - What Causes Smelly Feet?

When you wear shoes the entire day, the heat causes your feet to sweat. Sweating is a natural process of the body. We sweat when our bodies are hot to help cool the body down. However, foot odor is caused by bacteria.

Our feet have thousands of tiny sweat glands that make our feet sweat. Unfortunately, this closed, warm environment is a breeding ground for different forms of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Although, the symptoms of foot odor might go unnoticed at first, eventually, you usually recognize your feet smelling when you take off your shoes. You might find that your shoes have an odor after you remove them. On some occasions, you might not recognize it at all until someone tells you.

What are the Best Methods for Treating Foot Odor?

There are various tried and proven methods to treat foot odor. Here are some tips:

  • Keep Your Feet Clean - Try to keep your feet clean as much as possible. It can be as simple as applying some herbal foot product, bath oils, bubble bath in the tub, or actually soaking your feet once a day if you are prone to excessive sweating.
  • Keep Your Feet Dry - Keep your feet as dry as possible. You should use cotton socks to allow your feet to get air, or use open shoes. When you do take a bath or a shower, make sure that your feet are completely dry before you put your shoes on. That includes drying between your toes.
  • Use Foot Powder - Foot powder can help keep your feet dry, and some powder is especially medicated to help eliminate or control foot bacteria.
  • Use an Antiperspirant - Antiperspirants can stop your feet from sweating too much.

There is nothing to be ashamed about foot odor. You only need to control it before it gets out of hand. Follow the tips in this article should be able to help you in treating foot odor. If you have a tougher problem with controlling foot odor, contact Talus inMotion Foot & Ankle to learn more about treatment options and specialized products to stop foot odor.