Tarsal Coalition

Tarsal coalition is one of the hundreds of foot conditions that are known to exist. It is a disorder that begins developing in the womb. It's better to take care of tarsal coalition while a child is still young. However, others have treatment and surgery later in their lives when the pain doesn't go away.

What Causes Tarsal Coalition?

Tarsal coalition is the connection of at least two bones in the back of your foot. It is possible for fibrous tissue, bone and even cartilage to cause pain and restricted movement of your foot.

Long before we are born, cartilage is formed. Cartilage growth is normal, but it is also possible that the cartilage can connect multiple bones. As your bones grow, it will be impossible for them to function separately if they are joined. This causes excessive pain.

How is Tarsal Coalition Diagnosed?

You should schedule an appointment with your podiatrist if you are having chronic pain in your foot. Your podiatrist will examine your foot, and your podiatrist notices that you have a limited range of motion in your foot, he will ask you to have an X-ray. In addition, you could need an MRI if an X-ray is inconclusive.

The important part is to see your podiatrist as soon as possible, and don't wait until the pain is so severe that you might have further damage.

Treatment for Tarsal Coalition

  • Walking Cast - A walking cast may be suggested by your podiatrist for up to six weeks.
  • Shoe Inserts - Shoe inserts can also be used to stabilize the foot and reduce pain.
  • Brace - A brace is often attached from just under the knee to the foot. This is kept in place for up to four weeks.
  • Surgery - In more serious cases where non-surgical treatment doesn't work, you might need to undergo surgery. Surgery is used to merge the damaged joint together, or it is used to remove the bar, in order to return full motion to the bones.

Take good care of your feet. Your feet should not hurt when you walk. If they do, something is wrong and your foot should be examined by a podiatrist. Contact Talus inMotion Foot & Ankle to schedule a consulation.